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We have a different FRAME of MIND

At EyeXcessories, we believe strongly in providing you with the best in optical health care. That’s why we’re so selective about the products we offer. Whether it’s glasses frames, glass lenses, or contacts, we only offer the best available. Take a look at some of your options, and schedule an examination so our dedicated and friendly staff can help you see more clearly.


•   Oakley

•   Elle

•   Coach

•   Cavair

•   Bolle

•   Burberry

•   Carrera

•   Ralph Lauren/Polo

•   Versace

•   Gwen Stefani

•   Ted Baker

•   Gucci

•   Tommy Hilfiger

•   Jimmy Choo

•   Tom Ford

•   Cazal

•   Wiley X

•   Kate Spade

•   Ray Ban


Glasses lenses come in a variety of materials, with an almost unlimited number of prescription options. At EyeXcessories, we can customize your lenses in our in-house lab. We’ll get your prescription, then help you create your glasses.

Only the best eye care products


•   UV protection

•   Scratch resistant

•   Anti-reflective

•   Single vision

•   Bifocal

•   Trifocal

•   No-line progressive

•   Computer lenses

•   Industrial/occupational lenses

•   Sports lenses

•   Polarized lenses

•   Crizal Lenses


Today, contact lenses are so comfortable, and so customizable, that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them at all. We’ll help you find the style you want from the companies you’ve come to trust.

•   Copper Vision

•   Baush & Lomb

•   Acuvue

•   Ciba

Kenneth Cole Dolce & Gabbana Gant Elle Cavair Burberry Carrera Ralph Lauren Versace Marc Ekco Tommy Hilfiger Tom Ford Cole Haan Cazal Wiley X Jimmy Choo Gucci Kate Spade Ray Ban Boss Hugo Boss Prada 37727185_667396903623892_8274212078646984704_n 35272889_262759601135932_234887582415060992_n 33351623_2044965332181523_747720975503589376_n Cazal 1 Oakley 2 Transitions 8 capture

All New from WileyX!

**WorkSight™ safety glasses for Adults

Good for Adults who are in Manufacturing, Production and Construction trades. Fashionable enough to wear without the Custom designed safety rated removable side shields included with every frame.


**Youth Force safety glasses for kids.

Wiley X brings its legendary Protective eyewear technology to an all new line of RX-able eyewear for youth sports participants. Youth Force frames come in vibrant colors and each style easily converts to a goggle.

WileyX WileyX3